Terms and Conditions

Protection of Personal Data

Managing and protecting personal data by our electronic shop services is subject to the terms of this document, to the provisions of Law 2472/1997, as complemented by the decisions taken by the Chairman of the Committee for Personal Data Protection, to Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000 and to Article 8 of Law 2819/2000, as well as to European Law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC). The terms of this document are formulated so as to take account of the fast development of technology and, particularly, that of the Internet, as well as the current – though not fully developed yet – grid of legal regulations concerning such issues. In any case, Karavitakis winery preserves the right to change the terms of this document on the protection of personal data, after it informs and updates you in accordance to the legislation in force at any given time.

General Terms of Personal Data Protection

Karavitakis Wines protects the privacy of your data which cannot be transferred to any third party (natural or legal entity) for whatever reason, except in accordance to related law provisions and to competent authorities only. Records are kept of your personal data, which you send exclusively for reasons of communication, financial and taxation purposes. You may contact our competent department to cross-check that they keep a personal file concerning you, which you can correct or change.
Our Sales Department may process part or all of the data you have sent to serve statistics and financial purposes or to improve services provided and for its own information.

Credit Card Information

Your credit card will be charged once and only for the specific transaction. Your credit card information will not be archived and cannot be used for any other purpose. Each time you proceed with a purchase you need to reenter your credit card information.

Cancellation Policy

In case of a booking cancellation, which is completed successfully at least 2 days prior the date of the booked visit, there is no charge and the whole amount paid is going to be refunded by Karavitakis Wines.
For cancellations made after the cancellation deadline (2 days prior the date of the booked visit) there is no refunding and the customer is going to be charged with the total amount (100%) of the packages purchased.
In extreme occasions, and if necessary, the winery holds the right to cancel a booking, alter, replace or withdraw a service or provision, without prior notice. In occasions as such, the winery is obligated to refund the total amount (100%) paid for the booking that has been canceled.
No-show to the programme , the whole amount is withheld.
Failure to participate in the programme due to third party reasons, like flights cancellation or unsuitable travel documents, is considered as a cancellation.
Withdrawal during the activity for any reason is not refunded by our company.


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User information

User data and preferences are recorded anonymously by the advertising companies mentioned in this cookie policy and in no way can we recognize a single user behavior but only as a rate. The whole process is anonymous. The only information that is stored on cookies is user behavior on the website. We never keep a record or files of personal information of our users and have no means to identify users by name, neither in the digital nor in the physical space.
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